How to Secure the
Nation’s Safety Net

  • Repeal and Replace the Welfare State
  • Target Aid to the Truly Needy
  • Shrink the Federal Bureaucracy

Thirty years ago, Reagan made a plan. We’re advancing it. Help us today.

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How Welfare Reform Can End Poverty in America, and Promote Booming Economic Growth (08/15/14) — Based on data from the Census Bureau, America already spends nearly four times as much on welfare as would be necessary to bring all of the poor up to the poverty level in cash, eliminating poverty in America entirely!   Read the full article

Restoring Booming Economic Growth Through Populist, Pro-Growth, Win Win, Entitlement Reform (08/12/14) — The greatest fallacy in economic policy today is the failure to see the vast, pro-growth opportunities offered by fundamental, structural entitlement reform.   Read the full article

Why the Gold Standard Is the Foundation for Restoring Booming Economic Growth (08/05/14) — This is the third installment in a series on how to restore traditional, American, booming economic growth, and prosperity for all.   Read the full article

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